In no particular order.
  1. McKenzie, sitting at a bar wearing an "army" shirt, drinking a beer, says "haters gonna hate"
  2. Will and Jim have a jam session and play my new favorite song with an adorable kid who plays bass.
  3. Lucas Pruitt says "the girls were not hired for sex they were hired to be living art" 👏👏👏👏
  4. Jim tells Maggie he loves her and she's like WHAT? And we're like oh is this somehow supposed to be new information?
  5. Will is SO happy he's going to be a dad that he forgets to sit down at the memorial service
  6. Everything about Leona as a character.
  7. Will: "you're all worried that you were responsible for Charlie's death, which is ridiculous, we all know it was Sloane"
  8. Nevermind, the whole thing was great, I've seen it twice. Will see it again.