1. Beary
    A small, white bear. When I was five I purchased him with my first allowance money from a place I think was called Imaginarium in the old Santa Monica mall.
  2. Cubby
    Cubby is the same bear as Beary except brown and gray. I got him to keep Beary company soon after so that he wouldn't feel lonely when I was away. Side note: none of these animals really have genders. Some days they feel masculine and other days they feel feminine. I've been playing it by ear since 1995.
  3. Hallowee
    Like Halloween but without the N. A big white rabbit that is more like brown at this point. Someone gave this to my parents for me before I was born. I don't know who, and they don't know who, but here we are today, Hallowee and I.
  4. Bitty Baby
    Aka Tabitha. A baby with a plastic head and a beany-baby-esque body. As a kid I just loved the weight of this doll, it felt like I was holding something really substantial. I brought her with me to my Big Girl apartment because I think she adds a spooky aesthetic to my bookshelf.
  5. Alien piglet prozac lucky charm marshmallow
    My "man friend" (as @onlinealison would say) won this for me at an arcade. It's a velveteen piglet (gender neutral like the others) with sad, swollen eyes. He/she looks like an alien piglet with depression issues and is as pink as a lucky charm marshmallow. Enough said.
  6. Slothy
    A sloth. My mom got me this from Costa Rica just last week. Sloths are my spirit animal because they move extra slow to conserve energy. They also drink scotch in bed while listing about their stuffed animal collection it's a wild coincidence.