1. 2004
    I was fourteen. I went with @anda and @hannah. My fear of crowds caused me to detach from my friends and hide in the shade for a few hours. Cell phone reception is miserable in that place so I ended up losing them entirely and missing Coldplay. As "artwork", coachella ripped apart a giant baby that streamed blood. Had a panic attack.
  2. 2009
    My dad had an extra ticket so I took it. I went with my dad and spent like 27 hours wandering around by myself. A lot of loneliness at coachella for me. The killers were great though.
  3. 2014
    Went with my boyfriend, his friend, and his friend's brother. We camped. We were high on brownies the entire time and it did not feel good. My thoughts raced obsessively for three whole days. I felt constantly fashionably inadequate for three whole days. We ran into my ex boyfriend who I hadn't spoken to for two years.
  4. I consider this place to be hell on earth.
  5. Heading out today because I'm a masochist.