Not in order. Not suitable for children.
  1. Been trying hard not to get into trouble but I've got a war in my mind.
  2. Keep making me laugh, let's go get high, the road is long we carry on, try to have fun in the meantime.
  3. Down on the west coast I get this feeling like it all could happen, that's why I'm leaving.
  4. I heard that you like the bad girls honey, is that true?
  5. You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop, but you fit me better than my favorite sweater.
  6. Put my little red party dress on, everybody knows that I'm the best: I'm crazy.
  7. Likes to watch me in the glass room/bathroom/chateau Marmont slipping on my red dress putting on my makeup. Glassroom perfume cognac lilac fumes: says it feels like heaven to him.
  8. My pussy tastes like Pepsi cola.
  9. Yeah my boyfriend's pretty cool but he's not as cool as me cause I'm a Brooklyn baby.
  10. I'm churning out novels like beat poetry on amphetamines.
  11. Tell me I'm your national anthem.
  12. In the land of gods and monsters I was an angel looking to get fucked hard--like a groupie incognito posing as a real singer: life imitates art.