Whattup. @natasha was there too.
  1. I was 8
    1998. HP was very new.
  2. It was Halloween
  3. I missed her LA reading because I was in art class and I was 8, how was I supposed to know she was in LA?
  4. At dinner my mom asked me if I wanted to drive to San Francisco to be at her next book signing in the morning. I was like yeah sounds dope.
  5. We drove over night to SF. Got there as the sun rose and ate donuts while college kids in Halloween costumes traipsed around the streets.
  6. We were first in line and it was dope!! At that point I didn't know if I was more excited about jk or the donuts.
  7. Some things JK said that day:
  8. "I can't believe you all read the books! Thank you!!!"
    So genuine.
  9. "I love your name, Zara, maybe I'll use it one day."
    Not so genuine. Still waiting on this.