I care a little.
  1. Fabreeze
    Smells so good. Im not lying when I say that fabreeze once got me through a very hard time. The feeling of a clean room is highly valuable to me. More valuable than my life? Good question.
  2. The sun
    I love it! Why would I put a cream on my body intended to block the most amazing thing nature has to offer: sun rays. Also what the fuck we would be dead without the sun, show some respect.
  3. Microwaves
    Life is too short for cooking (odd personal belief that practically nobody shares with me). If a microwave is shaving off years of my life I am okay with that, because if I were taking the time to cook myself meals I would also be sacrificing many years of my life. 3 meals a day at 20 minutes that's what, 60 minutes x 365 days I'm not a mathematician but I think that adds up to a lot of time.
  4. Methylacrilate
    The chemical compound used in most nail art (acrylic and gels). If a nail art addiction is what kills me well then, I will have lived a full and happy life. Live fast, die young my friends.
  5. Drinking from old water bottles that have been sitting in your car forever
    I'm thirsty like a camel and there is water in front of me. I'm EFFING drinking it.
    Suggested by @MirandaBerman