I'm a really fun person to be with.
  1. Google it, see if there have ever been any deaths, read the stats: how many drops, how high is each drop etc.
  2. Analyze the faces of people who are just getting off the ride. Do they seem permanently traumatized? No they seem pretty happy. What about the children? Yeah they seem ok too. Ok cool.
  3. Ask the ride attendant if the ride is really scary. Get looked at like "ummm..."
    "This is actually one of the easier rides at the park you're going to be ok" -quote from this past sunday
  4. Start talking to my friends about how I'm not ready to die. Repeatedly ask friends "we're not going to die, right?"
  5. Think: "if I took a Xanax now it wouldn't even kick in in time!!"
  6. Get on the ride, cry a little bit inside. Oh that was pretty ok. Again? Yeah let's go again. Talk to friends about how much adrenaline I can feel rushing through me.