Whether I want to or not.
  1. A higher power. Not Jesus' father who cares about what we do morally, but something is out there.
  2. Earth isn't the only place in the universe where there's life.
  3. Thoughts create vibrations that effect our lives.
  4. Lingering spirits. If you want to call them ghosts that's ok.
  5. Reincarnation.
  6. Everything is connected.
  7. Objects are not cold and dead--if it exists it's alive...not in the same way we are, but alive in a way we don't understand.
    Therefore all things are feeling beings in their own way.
  8. Soulmates
    But I think we must have handfuls of soulmates at least at any given time.
  9. Next: things I inherently do not believe in.