Been watching a lot of horror movies and thrillers, and they've taught me a lot about what not to do in life.
  1. Oculus
    Don't buy antiques. Antiques used to belong to someone else and someone else before that, they are almost guaranteed to be haunted/have grudges/want revenge
  2. Twisted
    Don't have sex with anyone. If you have a stalker he might murder anyone you sleep with out of jealousy. When you have sex with someone and then they get murdered it's probably your fault. (Watching this movie rn so it hasn't been revealed yet but that's my theory).
  3. Babadook
    Don't read children's books. They're likely to be sinister on the DL. The pictures will come to life and destroy your family. Books with no pictures might seem safer but they are probably just as sinister.
  4. The Ring
    Don't watch anything on VHS. but like, duh.
  5. The Forgotten
    Most things are probably a government conspiracy, so just be aware of that when you go about your day.
  6. Most horror movies
    Don't buy a house. If it turns out to be haunted you'll be stuck in it forever because all your money will be tied up in it and no one will buy it. Because it is haunted. Also, the evil spirits probably won't let you leave anyway.
  7. Most thrillers
    Literally trust no one. The second you trust someone you're being an idiot.