1. Driving while drinking from glass
    You could knock out your tooth. This is fair.
  2. Driving while a glass bottle is in your car.
    If you stop short the glass could break and a sharp piece could cut you or knock your head and give you a concussion.
  3. Driving in slippery shoes. Or high heels.
    Your foot could slip!!! Especially dangerous if it's been raining.
  4. Eating off tinfoil.
    Getting flakes of metal in your food can cause brain damage.
  5. Hep C from nail salons.
    Apparently nail salons are dirty and dangerous places.
  6. Gas poisoning from heating up tortillas directly on the stove.
    Oh god zara how long have you been doing this for?!?!!!!
  7. Plastic water bottles.
    The plastic leaks into the water and poisons us.
  8. Electromagnetic energy.
    It's everywhere.
  9. Being up and about before sunrise.
    This is when crime happens most.