You don't have to be sad for me, everything is really great.
  1. That people go out to dinner
  2. That people stay in and make their own dinner
  3. That everyone was a kid once
  4. That people save their money
  5. That people spend all their money
  6. That time is a flat circle
  7. Everything else about True Detective
  8. That it doesn't matter how much I sleep because I'll be equally exhausted all day anyway
  9. That literally nothing matters
  10. That I might get married one day
  11. That I might never get married
  12. That these are my only options
  13. Options seem so limited
  14. The fact that you have to brush your teeth at least twice every day. Like if you don't think time is a fucking flat circle then just think about THAT for a second.
  15. That one day I might have a baby
  16. That I might never have a baby
  17. Grocery stores
  18. Malls
  19. Also, nobody gets me. LOL
  20. Well this is hardly a commercial for Prozac.