1. When people don't know the difference between sadism and masochism
  2. When there are pictures of celebs that were clearly taken right by my house
    It's like, and you didn't come say hi?!
  3. When you're starving but also queasy so you can't eat and you're agitated
  4. When you just need one small drink but you can't because you're not consuming alcohol right now
  5. When you're exhausted but have to meet friends in like two hours so you don't have enough time to nap but also how will you stay awake for two more hours?? And then be a human being for the whole night?
  6. When you've only seen three episodes of the new season of OITNB and you're literally itching to watch more but you promised bae you'd wait for him
  7. When list app is growing so fast that you can feel the stretch marks on your body. And you never trend anymore because you're an insignificant spec now.
  8. The fact that Matt Dillon can't get out of Wayward Pines.