1. People ending a conversation on their iPhones with one very pointed index finger.
  2. The piece of advice: you should get some sleep.
    All I ever want in life is for someone to tell me that I should get some sleep but it never happens. When someone else tells you to get some sleep you know you have really been giving life your best effort, so much so that people around you are noticing and wondering about your well-being. People around you are acknowledging that you deserve the reward of sleep!
  3. People having zero problem with staying at work late into the night.
    "You should get a few hours of sleep and come back" "No. I have work to do"
  4. Women coming out of the bedroom wearing only a sheet wrapped around them.
    Like oh, hi boys, I just had sex with your roommate, isn't this embarrassing but also so charming?
  5. Sex standing up.
    Feel like although this does happen in real life, it's something that mostly looks good on tv and is ultimately too difficult and so we decide it's not worth it. "Why do it standing up if it can be done lying down"-Winston Churchill. But that's too bad. Petition to change this.
  6. Suggestions? Let's make this list longer.
  7. Not saying goodbye at the end of the call.
    This bugged me so much when I watched 24 and pretty much any other crime drama ever.
    Suggested by @madeline
  8. There is no need to poop. No one is ever pooping in the can on TV.
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  9. Women wake up with beautifully-applied makeup on (and no acne from it, i guess) and brushed, kempt hair.
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  10. People showing up on doorsteps unannounced to profess something important
    Irl we have 📱 but that's way less dramatic
    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie
  11. Divorces only take like an episode to be finalized
    Irl they can take years
    Suggested by @hate_my_selfie