Everyone is invited. All you have to do is text me or @onlinealison
  1. @onlinealison will be approached by a stranger who tells her she's very funny on Twitter.
  2. I will saw a woman in half.
    Hopefully it won't be you, but I can't promise.
  3. We will gossip about everyone from the list app who doesn't attend.
    So you should probably be there.
  4. You'll get to meet a real life blobfish
  5. Quick field trip to Palo Alto to visit the various locations in which they filmed "Palo Alto".
  6. We'll have an academic discussion on The Bachelor.
  7. We'll go back to Ali's and then I will force you to get a stick and poke tattoo.
  8. Please note that this has been the first ever party invitation to happen on List App.