I am stoned out of my mind right now. This list is dedicated to @hannah
  1. I thought I saw a man brought to life
    From the dead?? Or are we talking about an infant?
  2. He was warm, he came around, and he was dignified
  3. He showed me what it was to cry
    Awwwwwww. Honestly this line makes me almost cry.
  4. But you couldn't be that man I adored
    Oh, why not?
  5. You don't seem to know/seem to care what your heart is for
    Oh my lord this is serious. Your heart is for keeping you alive If a man doesn't know this get him out of there he might not be that bright.
  6. But I don't know him anymore
    Me either, Natalie, me either.
  7. There's nothing where he used to lie
  8. The conversation has run dry
    Tell me about it
  9. That's what's going on
    Damn straight
  10. Nothing's fine, I'm torn
    Me too me too me too
  11. I'm all outta faith
    No Natalie never lose faith!!! We can do this!
  12. This is how I feel:
    Omg I've always wanted to be able to tell someone how I feel! Good job Natalie.
  13. I'm cold and i am shamed, lying naked on the floor
    Ohhhh k got it, here's why my parents didn't want me listening to this song when I was seven.
  14. I love this song with all my heart. Do yourself a favor and listen to it before bed tonight.
  15. Xo