1. That guy Casper seemed pretty dope.
  2. I think Colin Farrell's character seems to have some issues.
  3. I like that Vince vaughn's character bought a bottle of johnny Walker blue label to share with Colin Farrell's character but Colin drank it all.
  4. The opening sequence was even better than season 1's!
  5. So far even more Lynchian than season 1
  6. I think Rachel McAdams' character is secretly Collin Farrel's character's ex wife.
  7. They misspelled @hannah 's name in the credits and that was rude. It isn't a hard name to spell.
  8. Collin Farrell : Matthew McConaughey :: Vince Vaughn : Woody Harrelson
  9. That guy Caspere IS very dope
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