Requested by @bjnovak
Never!!! Jk, often. Here are some examples:
  1. When Lana played at the Forever Cemetery, I had to get tickets.
  2. When I was living in Oakland, I had to move back to LA.
  3. When I was living in London I had to go to winter wonderland.
  4. When my lifelong best friend @hannah was in the hospital I was pretty invested.
    Both times.
  5. Any time my grandma is in the hospital.
  6. When my dog passed away I immediately found a puppy to rescue from some shady guy in Pomona.
  7. When I missed a JK Rowling book signing I had my parents drive me to San Francisco in the middle of the night to get to her next reading.
    I was 8. I sound spoiled here, but really my parents were super into the idea.
  8. About four years after my parents separated I started giving a fuck.
    At first I did not.