These aren't exact quotes, but they're close. I am a friends expert.
  1. She used to work as a sex operator
    "It will be better than my last job. Probably won't have to say 'spank' as much." Then, off Ross' confused look, "oh right, like you never called."
  2. Was a porn star
    To be fair this turned out to be her twin sister. But for a good half an episode we thought it was her.
  3. Has spied on Monica naked
    Her excuse: "I'm curious about the human body"
  4. Likes spanking
    "I also appreciate a light spanning."
  5. Claims that she hangs boyfriend Mike from a water pipe with industrial grade handcuffs
  6. Sluts R Us
    Rachel: she looked like she worked at sluts r us. Phoebe: is that a real place? Are they hiring?
  7. Broke her leg because of a typographical error in a sex manual
  8. Tells Rachel and Monica that her hippity hop is "a god send, if you know what I mean", then winks.
  9. As a homeless teenager, she used her breasts to get money from people on the streets.
    Whoa, dark.
  10. "He treats me like a princess. Except in bed when he treats me like the naughty girl I am."
  11. Has her boyfriend wear her lacy underwear
  12. Gets fired from her massage place for sleeping with a married client.
    "I got fired for being a whore. So I started asking people on the streets if they'd pay me for a massage and then they thought I was a whore too!"
  13. Threesomes
    "You're going to love Mary Ellen. She's sweet and smart and I can't tell you how I know this, but she's not opposed to threesomes."