I have never felt on fleek, so I decided to do some research on how to make this happen. Add your suggestions!
  1. Iron your clothes
    Never once have I done this. This is the route of my unfleekness.
  2. Wear as many earrings as you have holes in your ears.
    Open holes in your ears end up looking careless and messy. Aka unfleek.
  3. Make an intentional choice with your hair.
    It can be anything, you just have to commit to it, and brush it at the very least.
  4. Put gels on your nails OR leave them bare and clean under them. You can't be dirty and also on fleek.
    Whatever color you pick should be able to go with most outfits. So, white, pale pink, dark red etc
  5. Don't be afraid to be a little basic.
    Aviator sunglasses, polo shirts and designer bags are all very fleek, though a little basic.
  6. Shape your eyebrows.
    Doesn't matter if they're thick or thin, they just shouldn't have stray or scraggly hairs.
  7. Whitening strips.
    White white teeth are fleek.
  8. Choose a few select pieces of jewelry and make sure they all either match or work well together.
    E.g: silver necklace and three silver rings.