It's unrealistic to think after the last episode of season ten they lived happily ever after.
  1. Ross can't believe Rachel actually had feelings for Joey.
    "And where was I in your mind during all of this? Dead? Irrelevant? Old news?"
  2. Rachel can't believe ross had the nerve to date her sister.
    "Did you think she was prettier than me?!"
  3. Rachel gets drinks with Mark sometimes and Ross can't handle it. He gets drunk to cope with his feelings and Rachel gets mad because what kind of example is that for Emma?
  4. Rachel accuses Ross of loving Ben more than Emma
  5. Ross worries Rachel still fantasizes about Paulo and secretly feels incompetent in bed.
    To make himself feel better, he sleeps with his students who think he's the best sex ever.
  6. They can't ever agree on something to watch on tv.
  7. They were on a break.