Some really weird things about me that no one knows. (For the record I wrote this before I knew @Natasha was doing the same thing.)
  1. I like the feeling of getting sunburnt
    Getting sunburnt tastes like a lemon drop martini...which leads to the next weird fact...
  2. I have mild synesthesia
    My senses get twisted up sometimes. Colors have smells and feelings have tastes and sounds have colors. Etc.
  3. I have a hard time believing objects don't experience emotions.
    I KNOW they don't, but I feel like they do. This definitely was triggered originally by toy story. When I'm shopping and decide I don't want something I worry I have hurt it's feelings. When I'm at the grocery store and pick up an apple then decide I don't want it, I make sure to put it back exactly where I found it so it can be with it's friends. What is wrong with me Jesus Christ.
  4. In 2008 I experienced an almost psychotic level of anxiety for a full four months.
    One way this manifested was in a fear that my boyfriend at the time might accidentally walk off the planet and disappear into another dimension.
  5. When I was first born I was named Sophia. @sophia
    Two weeks later my mom decided that was not my name. Then for two weeks I didn't have a name. Then my mom named me Zara, then she changed it to Zahra, then when I was an adult I took the H out and yes, a part of me does think the H feels sad to not be in my name anymore.