I didn't watch closely enough, but I did try to understand and I almost did but then I didn't anymore. Spoilers.
  1. Not even sure where to begin
  2. Who were those foster kids who poured acid on Caspere?
  3. Why did they do it? How did he know their parents? What did he do to their parents?
  4. Was Caspere the girl's dad?
  5. Why were the diamonds that Frank had appraised by Hasidic Jews white when this whole time theyre supposed to be blue?
  6. Who the fuck is the mayor of Vinci? I get that it is Chessani but like is he the guy found dead in the pool?
  7. His son Tony is a bad guy, but in what way? He runs these shady parties where Caspere went to blackmail important men?
  8. Who killed the mayor if it wasn't suicide? Why would it be suicide? Is that even the mayor or was the guy in the pool just someone Frank liked talking to about clubs and...wtf I have no idea
  9. Who is the bald guy with an accent that Frank is always trying to make deals with?
  10. Is THAT the mayor or is that a fancy mobster?
  11. Why does Ray Velcoros ex wife seem to want the man who raped her to be the father of her child and not velcoro himself?
  12. If velcoro is in fact the father than why is this kid a chubby red head? Is it because his real mom is Frank's wife?
  13. If frank's wife knew all along that she was barren after getting too many abortions (I think?) then why was she pressuring Frank about babies this whole time
  14. Was growing up in a cult not traumatizing enough for Ani? She also had to get kidnapped? And by who?
  15. Who were the guys who took Frank to the desert?
  16. Why was ray Velcoro a wanted man?
  17. Who was the man Ray velcoro was talking to at the train station ? I think his name was Halloway?
  18. Oh yeah, who killed Woodrough and why?
  19. Who was the girl who was kidnapped and what was the significance? Who is Tasha? Dear god someone help me.
  20. Those are my main questions. If you have answers please leave them in the comments section thank you