UNORGANIZED THOUGHTS. Just trying to make sense of it all. spoilerz.
  1. You know that thing where you get shot in the stomach a few times but everything is fine because the shooter used those bullets that don't kill people?
  2. I think Nick Pizzolato might like David lynch a little bit
  3. I think Nick Pizzolato might have had a negative relationship with his father
  4. He may also not like his mom
  5. Rachel McAdams character might like anal sex
  6. Taylor Kitcsh character might also like anal sex
  7. Nick Pizzolato has feelings about e-cigarettes, but so far it is unclear where he stands. Is he for or against?
    Stay tuned.
  8. Ben Caspere
    Rich guy with "weird" kinks such as threesomes. He has a house AND an apartment. Now he is dead. The people who killed him are associated with crows in some way.
  9. Rachel McAdams
    Likes: anal sex and e-cigarettes. Dislikes: her family and anyone who messes with her case.
  10. Vince Vaughn
    Caspere had his money I guess but now Caspere is dead. His wife has red hair and gives me the chills.
  11. Collin Farrell
    Has a red headed son who is prob not really his but he doesn't care he's going to fight for him anyway. Likes alcohol and has "every bad habit under the sun". Maybe his red headed kid is related to vince Vaughn's wife. Mhm.
  12. Taylor Kitsch
    An additional character.
  13. There is a town called Vincci where shady stuff has happened/is still happening
  14. Mayor's son had Versace underwear
    Suggested by @CarlosHerrera