1. List app famous.
    79 followers. If that isn't fame idk what is.
  2. Quadruplex famous.
    Just moved into a building with 4 units...EVERYONE in the other three units knows who I am and is always in my business trying to get gossip on me.
  3. Cousin famous.
    Some of my Canadian cousins have never been to la and assume that if you're from here you're at least a little famous. They're always like "do you know lindsay lohan?!" And I'm like "maybe I do maybe I don't."
  4. Baja Fresh famous.
    When I walk into the Baja Fresh on la cienaga everybody knows who I am and treats me like I'm a little bit more special than everyone else.
  5. Solipsism famous.
    In my mind I am the only person who truly exists, and therefore am the most famous.