Requested by @bjnovak
Not ranked
  1. Penn and Teller
    If you like magic
  2. The Venetian
    If you like gondola rides and tripping out over whether or not you are inside or outside. (Basically if you like pirates of the Caribbean you will like this hotel)
  3. The Coca Cola museum
    If you like trying over 200 types of coke
  4. Little Darlings
    If you like naked girls. But only if. If you don't, then honestly there isn't a lot for you here. No alcohol but for $29 you can take a limo back and forth between there and Hustler, where there IS alcohol. Classy, right?
  5. I personally like wandering through all the hotels just to see what's up
  6. Zip line
    If you're brave and an idiot.
  7. Electronic black jack
    If you like black jack but are really anti social
  8. Jabbawockeez
    If you liked watching America's Best Dance Crew
    Suggested by @TT
  9. Lotus of Siam. Called the best Thai restaurant in America by some fancy guy who knows.
    Suggested by @meganriordan