Sorry family members and people I work with. If I can't say it on list app I can't say it anywhere.
  1. When people use "dick" or "pussy" as an insult to someone. Do we not like these body parts? I don't get it.
  2. No one LIKES pubic hair.
    Some are ok with it or neutral but no one likes it so why is it still there? Oh, here's why: we all look super weird without it.
  3. On that note, why do we need hair to hide our genitals? They're supposed to be the most attractive thing about us, biologically, and the most desirable, so why did God or whoever make them need to be partially hidden by hair?
  4. When your doctor talks to you about sex as if it's tennis or something and meanwhile youre having little flashes of the disgraceful and filthy things you did and said in bed the night before.
    Sorry that I'm sorry and am saying it anyway.
  5. It's dangerous.
    And not just in the hot way! It's also actually dangerous for your health if you're not careful. Like, this is not your average activity, ladies and gentlemen.
  6. Babies.
    It's for adults only but CREATES a child? Jesus fucking christ. Then that child doesn't know how it was created until like 5-10 years later??? I can't even with this.
  7. Is it good? Is it bad? I still don't know.
  8. Is it physical or mental? I still don't know.
    Somehow THIS is the time to work out your deeply subconscious psychological issues?? Seriously, why? How did this get so complicated?
  9. I can't figure out if I am in control of my vagina or if she is in control of me.
  10. Honestly, re: vagina, sometimes I'll be like "hey, sorry I let that happen to you", and then I'm like "wait a second, that was 100% YOUR idea."
  11. Starting to realize this list could go on forever. I'll stop here.