1. OK: you're a child
  2. OK: you're going to college in your home town
  3. OK: you're fresh out of school and need a quick second to figure stuff out
  4. OK: you are under 35 and have a passion that a 9-5 job would get in the way of. Maybe you're an artist or inventor of some kind and it makes most sense for you to save money on rent.
  5. OK: you just had a baby and need some support.
  6. OK: your parent is sick and needs your help
  7. NOT OK: you're lazy and taking advantage of your parents' generosity
  8. NOT OK: you're a huge loser who can't get it together
  9. NOT OK: your parents don't even want you there
  10. NOT OK: you've never had a boyfriend or girlfriend
  11. NOT OK: the police are looking for you