1. The occasional and sudden dips into surrealism.
    A dolphin on the sidewalk, a television that works without electricity, a Japanese robot servant etc.
  2. The commentary on the outrageousness of the filthy rich.
    "Xanthippe Lanister Vorhees, go to your rooms!"
  3. The opening credits are a nod to autotuned versions of witness interviews on YouTube.
    So smart, innovative and culturally aware. http://bit.ly/1NkmcfW
  4. Kimmy is a constant inspiration.
    The world really scares me at times, this show genuinely lifted my spirits and made me feel brave.
  5. I don't wanna spoil anything, so I'll just say that a certain actor has a cameo in which he gives maybe his best performance ever.
    If you've seen it, I think deep down you know I'm right.
  6. Females are strong as hell.
    Lyric from the opening song and also an overall message throughout.