1. Don't want it to be super cliche but there's really no such thing as teenage sex that isn't cliche. No one is being creative that's for sure.
  2. "About forty five seconds later it was over" doesn't make for a good story, but "they fucked passionately all night" is obviously a lie.
  3. Did they bring condoms to the beach?! Idk?!
  4. Is it ok that this girl is only 16 or will I be arrested?
  5. What is an appealing teenage boy even like? When I was sixteen I was really into Goths...
  6. She's sixteen and losing her virginity, does there need to be a song playing? If so, what are the kids even listening to these days??
  7. Let's say she absolutely loves it and has an ammaazzzinggg time, does this book have to be categorized as science fiction?
  8. What words am I allowed to use?
  9. Are middle schoolers going to pass this around secretly in class thinking it's going to teach them something important?! If so, what wisdom can I impart that will have a positive influence?! Basically, how can I make sure I don't ruin anyone's life?
  10. Do any good YA books even have sex in them? Maybe I'll just be like "they kissed and then other stuff happened. *end of chapter*"
  11. What are the best YA sex scenes/soft core "romance scenes" ?