I never liked field trips, but these were really the lamest. I'll make a list of awesome ones next.
  1. Landfill
    Educational but bleak
  2. Butcher
    Pointless and traumatic. Inappropriate for third graders.
  3. Cranberry bog
    Watched cranberries float around and then went home
  4. Holocaust Museum
    I get that this is important but like ugh that was the worst field trip ever
  5. Big Blue Bus depot
    Where all the busses are kept at night. Super important info for elementary school kids.
  6. Oxnard strawberry fields
    Sounds nice but it was actually more like child labor
  7. Steel mill
    Guess it's what I get for growing up in NW Indiana?
    Suggested by @Alex
  8. This one Blacks in Wax Museum, where we had to walk in a replica of the bottom a slave boat
    The museum played a recording of people moaning and sobbing in the background. We even saw a naked woman being hung from the slats. I still have nightmares about it.
    Suggested by @olive
  9. Columbia University
    It wasn't the trip itself that is "Wtf"; it's the fact that I wasn't allowed to go, because the teachers hated me. Then someone started a rumor that I sucked a guy's dick on the bus, and the teachers that were there, and PURPOSELY didn't invite me, asked me about it! (???)
    Suggested by @olive