I was born on Maui, Hawaii. Moved to Australia when I was nine and have recently moved back to Maui to live with my sister and start some college courses. Here are some of the pros and cons to living on a small island
  1. Con: Cost
    The cost of living here is crazy. If my family didn't own a house I wouldn't be able to afford rent.
  2. Pro: Scenery
    The views are amazing on the island. Scenery wise, Hawaii is paradise
  3. Con: Activities
    Unless you are the kind of person to adore hiking (I'm not) or someone who loves to surf and windsurf and generally be in the water during all your free time. There is not much to do. Initially there are lots of things to do. However after the first six months, you have pretty much done all you can on Maui.
  4. Pro: Tourists
    You meet so many new people for all around the world. There is no shortage of interesting stories told by travelers from all around the world.
  5. Con: Tourists
    There are people everywhere. People who demand things. People who crowd the waves. People who know nothing about the culture or history of Hawaii.
  6. Pro: Shaved Ice and Li Hing Moi
    Two of the most delicious treats. Traditional Hawaiian shaved ice is amazing. I could eat it everyday and never get sick of it. And Li Hing Moi is good on just about anything.
  7. Con: Traffic
    Because of all the tourists and the shitty roads. Traffic can get pretty crazy, especially around Christmas. If you need to get anywhere in a hurry during the peak tourist season you are totally screwed.
  8. Pro: The Beaches
    Despite the fact that I don't surf or do other water activities regularly like most people on Hawaii. No one can deny that the beaches here are beautiful. The natural black sand beaches and the clear warm water and lovely.
  9. Con: The Roads
    Pot holes. Lots and lots of pot holes.
  10. Pro: The Rainstorms and Rainbows
    While a lite of people would consider rainstorms a con. I think they are lovely. Since I live in the west side of the island of Maui it is often rainy. However it is a warm brief rain that is often followed by gorgeous rainbows. I have seen so many rainbows and double rainbows that it is hard to count all of them. Even the occasional triple rainbow isn't to much of a novelty.
  11. Con: Shipping
    Shipping anything is a damn nightmare. Whether your ordering something or sending something, you'd better be ready to pay a lot.