1. Shawshank Redemption
    Andy finally makes his long planned escape out of prison, only to find out a film crew has been making a TV show about him his whole life.
  2. The Truman Show
    Truman finally realizes he's in a TV show. Upon his discover, he is thrown in jail. Over a period of several years he starts digging an escape route out of his cell which is hidden behind a poster, all while building trust with the prison employees and doing their taxes. The day finally comes and he makes his long awaited escape, and moves to another country under a different identity.
  3. Forest Gump
    Jenny lives, falls back into her old ways of drug abuse, and cheats on Forest, leaving her family for a guy named Reggie, who lives in a trailer park. Forest never finds another job, realizes he can never top what he did before, and lives off the government until his death. Forest Jr. takes after his mom and falls into the horrible cycle of drug abuse.
  4. Wolf of Wall Street
    Jordan Belford offers the cops a free pass to party with him the rest of their lives if they let him go free. They accept and he is dismissed of all charges.