A few easy steps
  1. Wear fingerless gloves
    Nothing shows a hate for conformity more than warm hands and cold fingers
  2. Gnash your teeth
    This mouth 😬 with these eyes 😠
  3. Listen to music on a cassette player
    Because punk sounds best when it sounds shitty
  4. Draw an "anarchy symbol" on everything
    Especially desks, chairs, under bridges, and in textbooks. For those of you that don't know an anarchy symbol looks like a capital @ sign (I couldn't find a picture).
  5. Spit a lot
    Spitting is pretty punk
  6. "Piercings"
    I put "piercing" in quotations because this is best if you just have a whole bunch of safety pins hanging from your face.
  7. Hate your dad
  8. When you aren't doing anything important fold your arms across your chest
    This is hella punk
  9. When people are walking by, pretend to talk on the phone and loudly say "God, I sure do love Sex Pistols, the punk band from the UK!"
    Suggested by @ChrisKennedy