I hope everyone here believes in dinosaurs, but here are the best counter arguments, so that we can see the other side of the story.
  1. They look like dragons! Dragons aren't real!
    I mean.... They aren't real
  2. If I don't see it I can't believe it
    If anything, I believe in dinosaur skeletons and not dinosaurs!
  3. Fuck science!
    Science sucks because my biology teacher freshman year whistled pop tunes in the hall and that ruined all science for me.
  4. I was abused by a dinosaur and now I have to put it out of my mind by telling myself all dinosaurs are a figment of my imagination.
    This one is the most reasonable, but I really recommend you seek therapy
  5. All that exists is now
    Yeah ok
  6. Fuck paleontologists!
    If you fall under this category, your ex husband is probably a paleontologist, and your disbelief is in spite of him. I respect that.
  7. The liberal media is feeding us lies.
    I mean they are.... Mostly about who won the democratic debate.... But I mean.... Dinosaurs are the logical next step