Art is fun
  1. David M Cook
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    @bonethrower on instagram
  2. Will Laren
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    @willlaren on Instagram
  3. Allison Schulnik
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    @allisonshulnik on Instagram Also in a band called Barfth, which is an acquired taste, but I am a fan (@barfth on Instagram)
  4. Brian Chippendale
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    (Conestoga High school Alumni 😎). @chimpendale on Instagram He's also in a band called Lightening bolt
  5. Jay Howell
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    @punksgitcut on Instagram Also he does animations for Sanjay and Craig on Nickelodeon and designed the original characters for Bobs Burgers
  6. Stacy Rozich
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    @staceyrozich on Instagram
  7. Travis Millard
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    @theotherfudge on Instagram
  8. Tony Matelli
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    @tonymatelli on Instagram
  9. Michael C. Hsiung
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    @michaelchsiung on Instagram