1. Dressing up as a "hipster" for Halloween
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    The picture explains it
  2. Dressing up as an "alien" for Halloween
    Everyone thought I was a lobster
  3. Dressing up as a "mime" for Halloween
    All the other kids wore like a hat or a mask and I was in full makeup. Also that was my official last night of being popular (5th grade)
  4. Dressing up as a "French poodle" for Halloween
    Going to a Halloween party full of strangers with dog ears, a mustache, and a beret is not a fun time.
  5. Going to a Korn concert
  6. Lighting paper towels on fire in the house
    I don't really know what I was thinking
  7. Watching that brony documentary on Netflix
    This did not change my opinion on bronies I was looking forward to empathizing with them
  8. Buying a 20 dollar Batman SnapBack at the beach in 8th grade
    Poor decision
  9. Throwing a football at a bees nest
    For obvious reasons
  10. Introducing my father to the "deez nuts" meme
    It was funny at first but went downhill fast