This project failed horribly: I got to number 99 and I am sanctioned from continuing this list. Hopefully I am able to add more later but we'll see I guess.
  1. Memorable politicians
  2. Pluto was still a planet
    It is now but at least it wasn't in that dark period of it not being a planet
  3. Silly hats
  4. Conservative sex scene
  5. FDR was sexy
    Don't even argue against this
  6. Fireside chats are still a big turn on today
    This one is debatable
  7. Chivalry
  8. Fossil fuels were still cool
  9. Russia invades Finland
  10. Fuck Finland!
  11. Last year that Czechoslovakia was a country
  12. Wizard of Oz's flying monkeys begin scaring children worldwide
  13. The BBC ended its television broadcasting until 1946
  14. No more fucking Dr Who
  15. You could still name your kid Adolf without sounding like a nazi
  16. Mexican national baseball hall of fame established
  17. The Australian Boys choir is established
  18. The Australian boys choir renames themselves "Men at work"
  19. "The little sisters of Jesus" established as a religious group
  20. "The little sisters of Jesus" start asking Jesus to quit hogging the bathroom
  21. "The little sisters of Jesus" tell Jesus that his room smells like Weed and that he better drive them to the mall or they'll tell mom that he's flunking biology
  22. Eleanor Roosevelt is a babe
  23. "The little sisters of Jesus" change their name to "midget nuns"
  24. Francisco Franco takes over Spain, and makes a pivotal alliance with Amadeo Rogan, creating the legendary Franco-Rogan team.
  25. The rough draft for "Pineapple Express" is started by the duo.
  26. First time someone said "elementary my dear Watson"
  27. First someone said "Wow Sherlock Holmes is sassy"
  28. First time a woman pleasured herself to Sherlock Holmes
  29. Certainly not the last time
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  30. Mustaches were in
  31. People had mustaches unironically
  32. People listened to vinyl unironically
  33. You could still buy things with change
  34. Commercialism hadn't yet ruined America
  35. Capitalism was still really cool
  36. The south was outright racist instead of pretending not to be rascist
  37. Gas was cheap I think
  38. Hobos were still a thing
  39. Train hopping was still cool
  40. You could watch a game of football without having to put up with that stupid robot guy
  41. Propaganda was a welcomed tradition
  42. The arm and hammer commercials were probably a lot less arrogant like whats up with that girl "my grandma says baking soda is great" get off your high horse we all have grandmas
  43. My little ponies were not in existence
  44. Bronies were not in existence
  45. Family dinners
  46. Bing crosby was still really cool
  47. Just kidding Bing Crosby is always cool
  48. Slang terms were amazing (as I will demonstrate)
  49. "All wet" meant "no good"
    As in "these ham sandwiches are all wet I left the mayo in the hot sun for a week!"
  50. "Baby" meant "glass of milk"
    What the hell I don't know if I can trust my source this is ridiculous
  51. "Bumping gums" means to talk about nothing useful
  52. "Butter and egg fly" means "an attractive woman"
    Again, how is this real
  53. "Sweet patootie"
  54. "Broad"
  55. "Dish"
  56. "Looker"
  57. "Tomato"
  58. "Sweet potato pie"
  59. "Dame"
  60. "Doll"
  61. "Hot momma"
    53-61 are all slang for "woman" or attractive woman
  62. "Buzzer" means "A police badge"
  63. "Cinder dick" was slang for "railroad detective"
  64. ^^^^^
  65. ^^^^^^^
  66. If you don't get anything else out of this list, please notice #63
  67. "City juice" was slang for "water"
  68. "Dog soup" was also slang for "water"
  69. How the hell do we not refer to water as "city juice" or "dog soup"
  70. "Gobble Pipe" was slang for "saxophone"
  71. "Meat wagon" was slang for "ambulance"
  72. "Sawbuck" was slang for " a ten dollar bill"
  73. "Stool pigeon" was slang for "snitch"
  74. "Tin ear" is someone who doesn't like popular music
  75. "Ickie" is the same as above ^
  76. "What's your story morning glory?" Means "what"
  77. "You shred it, wheat" means "You said it!"
  78. "Suds"
  79. "Salad"
  80. "Moolah"
  81. "Dough"
  82. "Rhino"
  83. "Bacon"
  84. "Bread"
    Numbers 78-84 all are slang for "money"
  85. "Snazzy" was still cool to say
  86. So was "dollface"
  87. Body parts in general:
  88. "Blinkers"
  89. "Lamps"
  90. "Pies"
  91. "Shutters"
  92. "Peepers"
    88-92 all mean "eyes"
  93. Drumsticks
  94. Pins
  95. Gams
  96. Pillars
  97. Stems
  98. Uprights
  99. Get away sticks
    Numbers 93-99 mean legs. The list app limits me to 99 items... Please kill me