I pretend to hate all chain restaurants, but I am a sucker for these ones.
  1. Outback Steakhouse
    The Aussie Cheese Fries may be God's greatest invention. The layers of cheese, bacon, and potatoes are life changing. And if that is not decadent enough for you, there is a bowl of ranch dressing to smother your fries in.
  2. Texas Roadhouse
    Who doesn't want to eat at a restaurant with used peanut shells covering the floors? And the rolls... don't get me started on the rolls. *Disclaimer* I haven't been to one of these in 10 years, so my memory is hazy.
  3. TGIF Fridays
    If you want artery clogging appetizers at midnight. This is your place. Tastes amazing, and makes your body feel terrible.
  4. Maggiano's
    I have only been here for bar mitzvahs, but the mocktails here were incredible. I must say, it is the best place to dance the hora.
  5. Cheesecake Factory
    Do I have to explain myself? Cheesecake.