1. Two turquoise birds
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    If anyone is up to no good, it's these two.
  2. Whale shark
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    Let the majesty of this gentle giant lead you to serenity.
  3. Nosey penguin
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    Kicking down that fourth wall like the BAMF we all want to be.
  4. Grizzly bear eating salmon
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    #TeamGriz / #TeamSalmon is the new Peeta / Gale you just don't know it yet.
  5. Walrus in water
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    You know this photographer saw that above/below the water perfection and submitted this shit straight to the fat cats at Nat Geo.
  6. Iceberg
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    Withholding. Like mother nature herself. You can stay.
  7. Dusty desert valley
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    Comin' at me like some Georgia O'Keefe knockoff. I see you.
  8. Forest path
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    What am I going for a stroll with my grandma? DROP THOSE NATURE TRUTH BOMBS ON ME OR DON'T WASTE MY TIME.
  9. Savannah tree sunset
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    This ain't no postcard competition. Subtlety or gtfo tbh.
  10. Gorilla looking at leaf
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    "I just don't think it's a very smart gorilla." -my drunk roommate