I've been a fan of skateboarding since I was 12yrs old. Like with most kids my age (who will admit it), it started with the Tony Hawk's Pro Skater video games and then transitioned into real life skating. I almost never skate anymore, but I'm still a fan. I haven't seen every video ever, but here's some of my favorite skate parts.
  1. Kareem Campbell - Trilogy (World Industries)
    Another one of my all time favorites, Kareem had steez for days. Kareem, BA, Brent Atchley, and Gino are the smoothest dudes on 7 ply. They make everything look so buttery and easy. I hate to love them. Also, Kareem had pop for days. Also, GHETTO BIRD.
  2. Brian Anderson - Yeah Right! (Girl)
    Fun Fact : Brian Anderson is my favorite skater of all time.
  3. Brent Atchley - Elementality (Element)
    (Another) Fun Fact : Brent Atchley is my second favorite skater of all time.
  4. Brent Atchley - Pro Debut Video (Element)
    Freestyle Fellowship's "Cornbread" is one of the illest songs I've ever heard in a video.
  5. Paul Rodriguez - Street Cinema (City Stars)
    Street Cinema was the first skate video I ever owned. I bought the VHS from Duh! Skate shop in Fayetteville, North Carolina. This was the first time I witnessed Paul doing his thing. It wasn't the last.
  6. Mikey Taylor - Skate More (DVS)
    Like Paul Rodriguez, I discovered Mikey Taylor through City Stars' Street Cinema. He makes everything look fun and I like fun, so I fucks with him.
  7. Guy Mariano - Fully Flared (Lakai)
    Guy is a legend. This part is legend.
  8. Justin Brock - Chronicles 2 (Nike SB)
    I have a home state bias for this gentleman. I usually back anybody/anything positive coming from North Carolina. Justin is a beast.
  9. Grant Taylor - Chronicles (Nike SB)
    Grant Taylor is my favorite current skater to watch. He slays everything.
  10. To be continued...