I'm a 27yr old, white male. I have white privilege and I have white guilt. I wish I didn't. I didn't earn the privilege, I was born with it. I learned/realized the guilt around the time I realized the privilege. I want to learn. I want to help. I don't want to speak for those who can't. I want to help make sure that one day they can.
  1. My privilege lets me carry a knife in my pocket and not be considered dangerous.
  2. My privilege enables me to walk around any store for any amount of time and not be considered suspicious.
  3. My privilege means when I'm pulled over with a group of friends who are POC, I get asked about drugs while they get asked about drugs AND weapons.
  4. My privilege means someone who looks like me can shoot up a theater full of people and be arrested while a black, 12yr old male is shot on sight with no warning for holding a toy gun.
  5. My privilege means when I read comic books I can see myself represented in most of my favorite fictional heroes.
  6. My privilege means I can dress however I like to without having to worry about being considered suspicious or dangerous.
  7. My privilege means my career options aren't stereotypically limited to being an athlete or an entertainer.
  8. My privilege means I'm not described/looked at as a minority or lower class citizen.
  9. My privilege means the history I learned in school was catered to reinforcing the idea that I'm privileged.
  10. My privilege comes from the fact that my ancestors took land and took lives from people for the sole fact that they wanted to and could.
  11. My privilege gives me daily and lifelong advantages over others.
  12. My privilege, and the privilege of people like me, is an issue. It's an issue that we have it. It's an issue that others don't have it.
  13. I'm not sure how to end this list.
  14. Peace, love, and happiness to all. Thanks for reading.