"The attitude. Not the clothing." Inspired by @bobbyhundreds // I lack the experience, knowledge, vocabulary, and skill that Bobby utilizes when writing, but here's my take on his excellent list.
  1. My Dad
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    The guy who introduced me to camouflage and maybe even streetwear (before it was called streetwear). When Pops wasn't in uniform - he's an Army Special Forces vet - he was rockin' Stussy tees and Nike trainers. One of my first pairs of sneakers? Jordan Carmine 6s, thanks to dad.
  2. My Grandfather
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    My grandpa, Glenn Allen Norris aka Tex, was a carpenter and a soldier. In the twenty-something years I knew him, I never saw him wear anything but overalls.
  3. The Beastie Boys
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    I can find something I dig or that inspires me in any era of their careers. Their style from the 90s through the early 2000s is the stuff that really sticks with me though.
  4. Brian Anderson
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    On a skateboard, BA has style for miles. Off of one, his dress code seems to reflect his carefree and positive lifestyle. Brian is my favorite skater of all time.
  5. Jack Kerouac
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    Read On The Road a handful of years ago and have wanted to be on the road since. "Spontaneous Prose" and spontaneous living made Kerouac a legend.
  6. Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def
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    The Mighty Mos has always pushed the envelope with his music, political and social stances. He's also a fashion forward emcee, able to bridge his unique Brooklyn style with sophisticated class.
  7. Quentin Tarantino
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    He makes the movies he wants to make and they're (almost) all stellar films. QT is my favorite director. He says what he wants, he writes what he wants, he creates what he wants - AND people pay him to do those things. Color me inspired.
  8. Old School Prison Inmates
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    Prison Blues are some of my favorite blues and they also inspired some of my favorite fashion trends. These classic uniforms were basically workwear staples of chambray or denim shirts paired with navy chinos or denim. Can't go wrong with any of those.
  9. Greasers
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    I used this picture for humorous and nostalgic reasons, but I mean the sentiment. I've always dug the rebellious, outsider attitude that lived in denim, beat up kicks, and slick hair exudes. I'm a blue collar kid from a blue collar family, and the greasers' style reps that through and through.
  10. Hardcore
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    Again, the illustration is stylized and a bit over the top - but the characteristics are there. Band tees, Nikes, Straight Edge tattoos, Vans, skinny jeans, camo shorts, cuffed chinos - no matter the sub genre or era, Hardcore has been an outlet for any and every one. Being yourself, speaking your mind, and taking care of yourself and others are all things that, for me, were reinforced through Hardcore.
  11. Tom Hardy
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    Handsome as all get out, Tom is known for his transformational performances. He looks like a "man's man" whether he's styled up or dressed down.
  12. Dennis Rodman then, not now.
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    He was as bad as he wanted to be. He was also one of the best 'cos he wanted to be. He scared everyone by being himself, and I love that about him.
  13. Keith Buckley
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    He's as much a beast behind a microphone as he is holding a pen. Keith writes some of my favorite lyrics in aggressive music, then he performs them with some of my favorite vocals in music. When Keith sings/screams, I listen.
  14. Lupe Fiasco then, not now.
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    Lupe made it cool to be a rapper AND a nerd. He balanced intelligent wordplay and social awareness with anime and street wear references, AND made it look cool.
  15. The Homie Josh, aka Josh Wise
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    This guy put me up on the culture that would eventually become my world. Besides pushing me in the gym and on the basketball court, Josh introduced me to 5&A Dime, Blends, Nike SB and much more. We've been friends for almost 10yrs and in that time we grew from being fans of the culture to now being a part of it.
  16. Alyasha Owerka-Moore
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    As far as I'm concerned, some of the people who inspire me wouldn't do what they do if they hadn't been inspired by Alyasha. When Aly speaks, I listen.
  17. Mike Shinoda (@MikeShinoda)
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    His music - whether it be Linkin Park or Fort Minor - has affected my musical tastes (and life in general) for over 15yrs. The man behind the music has been an inspiration for just as long. Mike's story is one of hard work, dedication and skill. He's a living example of the "get out what you put in" ethos. Years of success and fame haven't turned him into a "coolguy" either.
  18. Bobby Hundreds (@bobbyhundreds)
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    One of the people who showed me talent and success aren't a trade off for humility and kindness. There's a short list of people who I would go Highlander on and decapitate them for their powers (new list about that coming soon). Bobby is one of them. When Bobby writes, I read.