I'm hoping to turn this into a weekly list where I showcase that week's comic book purchases. Some weeks will be better than others and you'll eventually start to see the same books repeating month after month. I'll get more into the stories once that happens. This week was a bit short since the holidays left me strapped. Here's this week's books!
  1. The Vision #3
    One of my new favorites, The Vision is a unique look at a unique character. Writer Tom King focuses on The Vision's new role as a family man more than his life as an Avenger, and the result is an enthralling and somewhat disturbing look into the life of a man who isn't a man who's trying to be more like a man. You need to be reading this.
  2. Batman & Robin #14
    Dick Grayson, fma Nightwing, aka Agent 37, is my favorite character from the Batman universe. Batman & Robin Eternal pits Grayson and other members of the Bat Family against a new foe with connections to Batman that are deeper than they realize. So far it's pushed everyone to the limits, but no one more than the first Robin himself as Dick learns things from Batman's past that he probably didn't want to.
  3. Midnighter #8
    One of my favorite comics of 2015, Midnighter #8 is the first issue of the new year and I can't wait to dig into it. Midnighter is an openly gay vigilante who's looking for the person who's deleted his memories. He's DC's version of Deadpool, but less wacky and more gay. DC has been criticized for the lack of diversity in their lineup, but Midnighter delivers a top notch anti-hero story with a queer lead.