The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are my favorite comic book/pop culture characters of all time. I've been a TMNT fan since before I could speak complete sentences. This list ranks the Turtles from my most favorite to least favorite. I don't dislike any of the four mutated shell-bearing brothers, but like anyone else I like each of them differently.
  1. Raphael :: He's the rebel. He's the loner. Raphael is my favorite Ninja Turtle because he's angry.
    That reasoning is in direct contradiction with my second favorite, but I feel I relate to those two the most. That's why they top the list. Raph is angry at himself and he's angry at the world, and I can relate. His battle to control and redirect that anger is his biggest struggle, but it never gets in the way of him protecting those he cares about most.
  2. Michelangelo :: The free spirit, Michelangelo just wants to love and be loved. That's why he takes my #2 spot.
    Mikey can throw down when he needs to, but he'd rather resolve conflicts through peaceful means. He loves to have fun, he's always optimistic, and his innocence gives him a positive outlook on life that's hard to dim. Side Note : Before he (or any of the turtles) had a name, Mikey was the first turtle drawn by TMNT co-creator Kevin Eastman.
  3. Donatello :: The brains of the TMNT operations, Donny is my third favorite turtle because he's smart.
    As the list goes on I'm learning things about myself in the ways I relate to each turtle. Raph is my favorite 'cos he's impulsive and angry. Mikey is second 'cos he's carefree and looks for the best in everyone. Don falls into the third position 'cos he's a nerd. Each turtle is a nerd about something, but Donny is a nerd about being a nerd. He's into every form of science there is and loves to use the things he's learned in ways to help those around him. That's the best kind of scientist.
  4. Leonardo :: My least favorite turtle is Leonardo, the leader.
    Leo is my least favorite 'cos I relate to him the least. He's pretty good at a bunch of things, but his biggest skill/personality trait is his leadership. He's a great student and he learned to be a great leader, even though he's not the strongest (Raphael), the smartest (Donatello), or the most naturally talented (Michelangelo). At the end of the day, his brothers would be lost without him - but without them, who would he lead?