I made a trip down to Yuma, AZ this weekend to spend Halloween with my fiancé and some good friends. I enjoyed/survived a Halloween/Bday party on Saturday and used Sunday as a day to relax and recover. I hope everyone's Halloween weekend was fun and safe! Here's my highlights...
  1. Adventure Time
    Katie and I got our costumes last minute, but that didn't stop us from scoring some good ones. Adventure Time is one of my favorite cartoons, so I was stoked to get Halloween on and poppin' as Finn The Human.
  2. Ketchup Shots Time
    On Sunday we had dinner with some good friends at Wing Stop. I love Wing Stop. Now I love it more 'cos every time I go I'll get to remember the little homie Evan downing shots of ketchup. He loves the stuff!
  3. More Ketchup Shots Time
    Seriously, look at that extension! He's dedicated! Also, I think he's set on cancer prevention with all that lycopene.
  4. Costume Sex Time
    No pictures for this one. There IS photo/video evidence, but that's for me and the lady. Use your imagination. Or don't, I don't want to ruin Adventure Time for you.
  5. Fin (See what I did there?)