I was putting together a couple Kallax shelves from IKEA, in Light Birch for those who are curious, and for some reason came to the conclusion that having Braveheart on in the background would help me be productive. I was wrong.
  1. Mel Gibson directed this?
    He did. The film won Best Picture, and he got Best Director honors at the 68th Academy Awards.
  2. Are the Scottish or the Irish more often stereotyped as redheads? There's approximately one (1) ginger in this film.
    This wouldn't fly in 2015. Inclusion is important.
  3. William Wallace's shoulder definition is stellar, but still looks natural. I dig it.
    I need to incorporate rock throwing into my workouts.
  4. Whoa... His love interest died pretty quickly considering this is a 3hr movie.
    They love each other. She dies. He's mad/sad. Later he seduces the future queen, Zeta-Jones clone and he seems over his lady. Nope, not over her. She appears to him as he's dying. They'll be happy together in death. The end.
  5. Dang! Catherine Zeta-Jones is in this?!
    Nah. It's another lovely woman by the name of Sophie Marceau.
  6. Tommy Flanagan!
    (Pictured at left with the crazy machete type sword)
  7. Nunchucks?!
  8. Man... The wool flannel patterns the Scots were capable of producing in the 13th century is pretty dope.
    The kilts look like their fresh out of a Pendleton catalogue.
  9. Wallace's death... What were they doing to him before they axed him?
    I couldn't decide between disemboweling him or disemballing him. What's the word?
  10. The End... This movie is pretty cool. I'd watch it again.
    It's no Gladiator though.