I'm 27yrs old now. Here's some reasons why I love having a birthday that is literally at the end of the year.
  1. It serves as a checkpoint, an update, and a reset button all at the same time.
    Checkpoint : Having a birthday on Dec. 31st allows me to look back at the year in its entirety and meditate on the good and the bad, with my birthday serving as a "closing moment" or a place to "save my game". Update : I'm a year older. I'm a not a "new" me, but an older, wiser, more improved me (hopefully). Reset : My birthday is the end of the year followed the next day by the beginning of a new one. It helps put the year in perspective as the next one full of opportunity is just 24hrs away.
  2. There's always parties or events.
    It's New Year's Eve, so there's always something happening. And sure, they're not celebrating my actual birthday - but the opportunity is there.
  3. I share a birthday with Val Kilmer.
    He's done some good and some bad, but his role as Doc Holliday in Tombstone has forever cemented him as one of my favorite actors. Tombstone is one of my favorite films. Doc Holliday is one of my favorite film characters. I share a birthday with the guy who brought him to life.
  4. Other cool people I share a birthday with :
    Scott Ian of Anthrax, actor Anthony Hopkins, skateboarder Paul Rodriguez, actor Ben Kingsley, educator Jaime Escalante, artist Henri Matisse, and designer Diane Von Fürstenburg. (Along with countless other cool people who aren't/weren't "famous".)
  5. For others, it's easy to remember.
    Sure, it may be kind of hard to remember between all the party planning and eventual club-hopping - but is it difficult to remember something that happens on THE LAST DAY OF THE YEAR?
  6. Birthday sex can also be New Year's sex
    If I time it right, the sex I'm usually enjoying on the night of my birthday can go from birthday sex to New Year's sex. At the stroke of midnight (yes, stroke puns intended), the sexual celebration becomes a celebration for a different reason. (Side note : I don't need a reason to celebrate with sex, but I'll always celebrate having it.)