1. Friday
    The obvious choice for many reasons. Friday has hope. Friday has promise. Friday has it all.
  2. Saturday
    Saturday is great. It's just not Friday. Saturday has too high of expectations and always seems to always fall juuuust short.
  3. Thursday
    Anything can happen on a Thursday. The best night of the week to go out. Everyone's a champion on Thursday.
  4. Sunday
    Great tv. And sure, you don't have to go to work. But Sunday has a shadow hanging over it and can never be fully enjoyed.
  5. Monday
    I know what you're thinking! Monday?! How can Monday not be dead last? Easy. Monday is bad ass. It doesn't give a shit what you think.
  6. Wednesday
    Loses all credibility because of its nickname. "Hump day"? Wednesday is a fucking loser.
  7. Tuesday
    Absolute garbage.