I've hosted upwards of three sleepovers now and this is what I've learned. And I have girls so I have no idea if these tips are applicable to boys.
  1. Nail your pancake recipe.
    This will be how you'll be remembered. You can't screw this up.
  2. Pick your movie beforehand.
    Nothing worse than surfing netflix with five amped up 7 year olds.
  3. Pick a good cop and a bad cop.
    This is essential for getting everyone to sleep. You need a closer.
  4. Let them think they're getting away with something.
    That's the magic of a sleepover, ordinary rules are off. So you gotta act like these kids are going nuts, even of they're just eating popsicles at 8:15 at night.
  5. It's the little things.
    I thought that would look good as one of the bullet points. And it does.
  6. Nothing is set in stone.
    Yeah, you might think the craft table you set up is the shit, but if they suddenly want to have a dance party roll with it, dude.
  7. Be prepared for pissed beds.
    As a kid who pissed his bed at multiple sleepovers, I always make sure to figure out a way to deal with it in a way where none of the other kids find out. And don't let them sleep anywhere you don't want piss.
  8. Don't try to be the cool dad.
    Kids might not be super smart but they can smell you trying too hard from a mile away.