I had a panic attack, and I know my symptoms are "normal" but that they vary greatly from person to person. Also, FYI to everyone, winter is coming. Part of my attack was vitamin D (+others) related
  1. I was a bit nervous before work, but that didn't seem unusual. I have to take the highway (465 for all my Hoosier buds) and it usually takes me about 30 min. I got on my way, and started to feel worse.
    All of the sudden I leaned back, exhaled, and felt a sharp sting in my chest. I start to really panic. I'm trying to convince myself I'm okay, but I feel tight numbness grow around my chest. I say out loud, "I'm okay. I'm okay." My hands are numb. By the time I reach for my phone to call off work, I can barely dial. I pull off into a random parking lot, finish talking to my manager, and text/call my therapist. She points out my recent vegetarianism, and helps me through.
  2. A couple hours later I was home with food and vitamins in my belly, took a nap, and then more vits. They helped. So did my therapist, and my friend. And my boyfriend. And my managers who asked if I was okay today. And li.st!